The Big Reveal

We at CCN have so much to be thankful for.  Not everything is complete yet but we are ready to welcome you, our members, to your new home. Everything is so beautiful and welcoming.  We know you are going to love it. 

These are just a few pictures of some of the areas within the renovated facilities. There will be more to come but everybody who has been working so hard towards tomorrows opening is ready for a few hours sleep now. 

As Tim said in his email message earlier this week, please be patient as we all get used to the new facility and especially as the construction workers finish those areas not yet complete and embark on a very long punch list for those areas mostly complete. 

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

Best laid plans

Site work continues along the back of the club. You can really see the carth path layout now. 

In this picture you can see how the putting green slope ties into the new cart staging area. The existing green was not touched and is the same size, the slope is just a little bit smaller. 

Part of the new landscaping design is to open up the bed behind the new veranda by removing all the bushes and electrical controls,  and then accentting the big tree with up lighting. I had the tree trimmed and it turned out spectacular. The grandeur of the tree can really be seen now and will be amazing at night when lit up. 

In order to achieve the new, clean, open look a lot of underground work had to happen. Nearly 300 feet of buried conduit and a couple thousand feet of control cables were installed through and around all the rock, existing sewer pipes, tree roots and city water lines to make it happen. 

Looking north from the cart barn to the new golf shop you can see the new storm water drain recently installed, as well as the new cart barn door. This entire area will be paver bricks. 

There is no problem without a solution…..

Installing the new storm drain box and piping for the new cart staging area today. In the picture you can see a green sewer line in the way, a white irrigation line in the way, and we already cut out the city water line that was in the way. 


Site grading and underground planter irrigation infrastructure going in along the back of the clubhouse. 

Trying to figure out all the old irrigation system and hookup the new one with no set of as built plans. 

No problem… 

Don’t fence me in…

The construction fence around the back of the clubhouse came down today.  The space seems so much bigger now. 

Our logo tree also is getting a haircut and is actually starting to look like the logo.  

With most of the scaffolding removed from the verandah area we can now see some of the ceiling details. 

The south entry is shaping up nicely. In this photo you see the new garage entry for the cart barn. No more looking into the storage area as you depart the clubhouse.

Hats off to the construction crew!

Yes, they are doing a great job, but I’m referring to the lifting of the requirement to wear hard hats in the construction zone.  This is a sign that the big work is finally done and we are moving into the finer points of the project. 

The golf course restrooms are about to be opened. We are still waiting for the new ice and water machines to be installed and some of the accessories, like mirrors, but the restrooms themselves are functional.  Trevor and the golf course maintenance crew are working on prepping and installing the crushed shell in the front of the buildings.  Here are some pictures from #15.

Wow!  What an improvement.  

How “suite” it is!

The locker rooms are starting to take shape. Each will have a handicap “suite” encompassing a shower, toilet, and sink. These suites accomplish two things:  they put CCN in compliance with ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) and they provide a roomy, comfortable, private room in which to shower.  Below is the beginnings of the tile in this space. 

The men’s lockers are also being installed. 

The lockers are deeper than before, allowing for a shirt hung on a hanger to fit inside without having to be hung at an angle.