How “suite” it is!

The locker rooms are starting to take shape. Each will have a handicap “suite” encompassing a shower, toilet, and sink. These suites accomplish two things:  they put CCN in compliance with ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) and they provide a roomy, comfortable, private room in which to shower.  Below is the beginnings of the tile in this space. 

The men’s lockers are also being installed. 

The lockers are deeper than before, allowing for a shirt hung on a hanger to fit inside without having to be hung at an angle. 

The Golfers’ View

Those remaining in Naples this summer and playing golf at CCN have seen this view of the renovation, but we wanted to share the view from the first tee area looking back at the clubhouse with everyone else. The roof tiles are in the process of being installed. They are almost completely in place on the front side.  

It’s electrifying…

The work continues on the electrical infrastructure. 

This dedicated electrical room is shaping up nicely. I’m glad somebody knows where all these wire go. 

The interior walls are going up very quickly. The new “Everything Room” (formerly known as the card room) has had one of the most dramatic transformations. 

The high ceilings and tall glass windows and doors are going to make this room so pleasant to be in.  

People who live in glass houses…

The clubhouse windows and exterior doors are now almost entirely installed.  Here is a photo of the folding glass walls in the new casual dining space. 

It is beautiful to behold, despite the unfinished surroundings.  With all of the new and larger windows, the clubhouse is going to be so inviting. 

We have not yet talked much about the course restrooms. There were some unexplained permitting delays but once resolved the restrooms have been going up practically overnight. Here are some picture of the restrooms at number 6.

In the meantime it is business as close to usual as we can make it. In the picture below you can see the carts parked at the golf shop trailer, golfers putting on the practice green and the clubhouse transforming in the distance. 

Crane in action

The crane has arrived today to load the new air conditioning equipment onto the recently completed flat roof space. 

Along the back side of the clubhouse you can see the roof extension on the Foundation Cafe. Now you will be out of the elements as you place and pick up your orders. 

“How wet I am, how dry I’ll be…”🎶

Ok, the song is backwards but we have reached the point in construction where all the rain that poured in when we didn’t have walls or a roof needs to be removed so drywall can go up. 

This portable air conditioner is connected to the windows at the ladies locker room and is drying out the room so interior work can begin.  This is just one of several in place. 

Looking into the golf shop, which was never without roof, you can see the walls have been insulated and if you look out the back window (on the left) you will see the roof tiles sitting on the cart barn and already installed on the pool cabana. 

The dining room windows are also going in, along with the door frames. 

Here you can see the French door frames on the old card rooms.  An air conditioner is standing by to start drying out that space.